Social Entrepreneurship Program


You need critical skills to be an entrepreneurship. Further than that, you need targeted education and training to work as an entrepreneur. Emmanuel Univeisity claimsto hold the ace to entrepreneurship. Prove us. Enroll Today. Change. Become an Employer


Do you have a vision? Do you have what it takes to think through a vision? Do you have a mentor? Do you have access to multiple organizations across industry to lend their weight behind your vision?


Some people are happy working for themselves. Some people love to work for themselves but do not even know where and how to start. Some work for themselves but are frustrated. Where do you fit? Enroll Today!!!


What is our passion? Tailoring? Shoemaking? Wielding? Farming? Music (Writing/ Performing/ Studio Engineer/ Management)? Would you like to convert your passion to a revenue-yielding activity for your livelihood? What is stopping you? Visit a list of our partners; you will know that guidance is already waiting for you.


What skill do you have? Whether you have a passion for it or not, you might already be locked in to that skill, and age might not be on your side to switch skills and careers. Let our School of Entrepreneurship take you and your career skill to the next level.  You can earn a good living for yourself with the help of our faculty members and our institution’s corporate partners.


Are you already occupying a storefront already? Do you love to have a storefront business? Are you even a pastor occupying or wanting to occupy a storefront? What service or products do you have to offer your immediate community? Enroll at the School of Entrepreneurship. Get the perspectives. Excel.

Social Entrepreneurship Course Pool

Core Courses Core Courses Core Courses Core Courses
Sociology 1 Computer Hardware Cultural Diversity Appropriate Technology 1
Retail and Commerce Entrepreneurship 1 Computer User Interface Appropriate Technology 2
Economics Accounting 1 Education and Training Practical Health Awareness
Intermediate Commerce Business Studies Communication Studies Human Resource Management