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The complete contact information in a student’s application form will be used to bill the student. Students may also receive their bills in person at the local office or liaison center. The bills may also be emailed or snail-mailed to the student, but payments must be satisfied prior to taking classes. Students are, therefore, encouraged to complete all financial arrangements in order to be scheduled for classes.



Students may pay their fees at the local office or liaison center, or make deposits at the bank and submit the deposit slip to the Registrar at the local office, liaison center or by email. Students with unsatisfied financial obligations will not receive classes, or in extreme cases, will not receive certificates, diplomas, or degrees.



Emmanuel University computes charges based on the specific class or course program a student enrolls in. If a student makes a bulk payment at the beginning of the class, course, or program, and the courses taken do not consume all the payments made, a refund covering the difference will be made to the student. However, if the student is taking more courses or enrolling in the next course or program, the balance will be applied to the next academic engagement. If the balance is not sufficient to satisfy the next course or program, a bill will be issued to the student for the appropriate amount.


Academic Contingencies

Students are required to complete all major and or minor requirements specific to the course programs they enrolled in. If a contingency occurs that changes the students’ needs, circumstances, or abilities to fulfill the exact requirements of their course programs, the students may seek approval from the institution for exemptions, modifications, or other different arrangements. Only the approval from the institution’s overall authority will facilitate such or any exemption. There is no guarantee of exemptions. On a different note, students are expected to be led of the Spirit of God to know that their courses should be the results of spiritual guidance.




Past due payments that become delinquent may be turned over to collection agencies, and such actions will reflect in the individual’s credit records.

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