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Governing Council

Dr. Warren McDonald – Chairman, Governing Council
Dr. Sheila Bassoppo-Moyo – Deputy Chair, Governing Council
Dr. Christopher Okonkwo – Member, Governing Council
Dr. Thomas Kwok – Member, Governing Council
Dr. Grace Freds – Member, Governing Council
Dr. Humphrey Great – Member, Governing Council
Dr. Chima Nwosu – Member, Governing Council


Dr. Annirate Clarke
Dr. Robert White
Dr. Anastasia Ashi
Dr. Toyin Akindoju
Magistrate Emily Herbert
Dr. Louisa Ukoch
Dr. Steve Simpson
Dr. Thomas Kwok
Barrister Anthony Moon
Dr. Femi Obikunle
Dr. Josephine Emmanuel
Dr. Geraldine Abaidoo
Dr. Femi Akingbasote
Dr. Joyce Dadzie
Dr. Fabian Aniemene
Dr. Joy Smith-Durant
Dr. Stella Greg
Dr. Francisca Obiora-Ike
Dr. Frank Ogbonna
Dr. Emmanuel Hayble
Dr. Folly Somado-Hemazro
Dr. Kate Mbidoaka
Dr. Victor Oluwi
Dr. Edward Agbai
Dr. Oluwayemisi Olorunshola
Dr. Faustina Igwebuike
Dr. Ngozi Okechukwu
Dr. Joel Nwoke
Dr. Kingson Njoku
Dr. Warrick Ekwueme



Writing Center
Dr. Cheryldene Cook
Patience Agulana
Administration / Logistics
Debra Kinzer
Sarah Kima
Agatha Odo

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  • Certificate in Citizenship

Quality Assurance

Emmanuel University is under an effective leadership structure. The leaders have demonstrated educational excellence for several years with visible results. In addition to the Governing Council Leadership, Professor Frederick Nwosu, PhD, started as a secondary school Business Instructor in the Fall of 1975. Dr. Grace Freds, PhD, started as a secondary school teacher of History and Religion in 1978. Professor Frederick Nwosu, PhD, successfully combined education and corporate jobs these 45 plus years and still counting. Dr. Grace Freds has remained in the classroom teaching at all educational levels these 42 plus years and still counting. They both have a high level of practical knowledge and experience in nonprofit management, leading and mentoring nonprofit organizations. These individuals are the founders of First Pentecostal Power Fellowship and have influenced churches and seminaries with visible results. Their experience in religious education as well as secular education at tertiary levels, even at the level of teaching and mentoring doctoral students at secular universities bear testimony to the quality they bring to both the School of Entrepreneurship and the School of Christian Studies at Emmanuel University.


·       Diverse organizations add value to the offerings

of Emmanuel University (EU) to enrich our students.

·       The entities come from a wide range of professional, technical, and academic segments.

·       The respective offerings of those entities enrich

the experience of EU students.

·       Individuals running those establishments have

great sympathy with the EU paradigm.

·       All students of Emmanuel University can find

contacts from those affiliates.

·       All alumni of Emmanuel University can find

mentors or collaborators from those affiliates.

·       A degree from Emmanuel University is loaded

with unique privileges for faculty and students.


Please contact Admissions to discuss the academic career path you intent to pursue – Entrepreneurship or Ministry.

Our Counselors will work out your academic path, guide you complete the enrollment form, and get you on your way to the degree of your choice. Email us: admissions@emmanueluniversity.us or call by phone – (910) 835-0709. Please mail your your registration fee check out to Emmanuel University, P. O. Box 40157, Raleigh, NC 27629.


Prospective students must have completed secondary school level education and attained a high school diploma or General Education Development certificate. The HSD and GED certificates will be inspected to determine the eligibility of the prospect. A nonrefundable application fee of $25 must accompany the application form along with copies of proof of the highest educational qualification attained. Fees depend on the subjects/subject combinations or the program that might be of interest to the prospective student. Application for admission must be directed to: The Registrar, Emmanuel University, P. O. Box 40157, Raleigh, NC 27629. If registering online, please send an initial email to admissions@emmanueluniversity.us. Someone will reply to you and commence your admission process.


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